#Mobile App Case Study
Tokenpad - Smarter
crypto investors.
Aggregate and analyze crypto portfolio data
In the chaotic world of crypto investments, tracking diverse portfolios across multiple chains and DeFi protocols was a nightmare. Investors needed a consolidated view but had no tools up to the task. 57Blocks, a company experienced in cryptocurrency projects, responded to this gap with Tokenpad.
The Challenge
With no effective way to aggregate and analyze crypto portfolio data, investors struggled. They flipped between platforms, trying to manually compile insights-a time-consuming and error-prone process.
The Solution
Tokenpad was the answer. Starting with the most common cryptocurrencies, one blockchain, and a few DeFi protocols, it quickly expanded. Now supporting 14 chains, hundreds of DeFi projects, and thousands of tokens, Tokenpad is a top choice for tracking crypto investments. With over 100,000 downloads, it reached the number one position money app in El Salvador and Israel, offering real-time notifications on projects about to be liquidated, token prices and investment suggestions.
App Design

App Architecture


  • Flutter Widgets
  • Dependency container


  • BLoC pattern using Cubit class

Fetches or sends data to domain and translates it to UI and Domain friendly format


  • Use cases
  • Entities
  • Value Objects
  • Decorators

Contains business logic


  • Repositories

Serves data to domain layer abstracting the logic behind data retrieval

Data Source

  • Remote data sources
  • Local data sources

Actual communication with server or local database/storage

Supported by Dart Streams

Communication flow
Dependency flow

Server Architecture

Load Balancer
APl Gateway
Static Resources


  • Logging AWS CloudWatch
  • APM & Alert New Relic

External SDK & APIs

  • Etherscan
  • Alchemy
  • The Graph
  • QuickNode
  • Moralis
  • Debank
  • Coingecko
  • DefiLlama

Tokenpad Microservices (Nestjs)

  • Core Service
  • Price Service
  • Notification Service
  • Slack integration

  • Bull Message Queue

  • DeFi Protocols Native implement


  • AWS S3

  • Google FCM

  • Docker

  • Amazon RDS for MySQL

  • Redis Cache

Our Team
Juan E. Quintero R
Frontend / 10+ yrs


Frontend Team Leader, used his 10 years of mobile app experience to craft an efficient, data-responsive interface. In charge of defining Tokenpad app architecture and guidelines to ensure app performance across different devices for both Android and iOS.

Core skills

  • Software architecture and design
  • Native platform knowledge as well as Multiplatform knowledge (Flutter)
  • Asynchronous programming with Reactive streams
  • Local database optimization
  • Optimization of mobile devices limited resources
  • Team leading experience
  • Unit testing advocate

Tech Stack

David Alejandro García
Backend / 15+ yrs


Backend Team Leader, brings 15 years of experience in platform design, focusing on software that can grow with the users' and business' needs. In charge of defining code quality metrics and implementing big data solutions and infrastructure to efficiently store and process Tokenpad's users data.

Core skills

  • Holistic and strong infrastructure and software architecture planning
  • Cloud computing experience
  • Critical thinking
  • Big data processing pipelines

Tech Stack

David Espinel
PM / 5+ yrs


Product Manager, uses customer feedback and data to drive product growth strategies over his five years of experience. Analyzes current global and app usage trends to envision new features for Tokenpad.

Peter Wang


CEO, is a tech product visionary who has successfully founded and sold multiple companies, with experience leading and scaling engineering teams.

Looking Ahead
  • Tokenpad is evolving, with features like transaction history, Profit & Loss analysis, tax preparation tools, and portfolio diversification advice in the pipeline. A related project for asset management is also under development, soon to be integrated with Tokenpad for an all-in-one investment experience.
  • Tokenpad by 57Blocks is more than an app; it’s the future of intelligent crypto investment, staying a step ahead to provide users with the tools they need to succeed.